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Father-Daughter Duo Rescue Stray Cat During Tornado [Video]



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  • A father and daughter duo have been applauded online for their brave act of rescuing a stray cat from an imminent tornado, as shown in a viral TikTok video.
  • The stray cat, now known by various names including “Twister” and “Twister Whisker,” is being taken care of by the neighborhood, receiving food and care from multiple homes.
  • The Humane Society advises that those looking after stray cats should have a list of them to locate any displaced cats in such extreme weather, move objects that could pose a danger in strong winds, leave out additional food and water, provide shelter, and if possible, keep friendly cats indoors for safety.

@robiboo6 me and my dad snatching a stray cat up by the scruff of his neck before the tornadoes hit, i’d say he wasnt mad 😭🤣 #tornado #mississippitornado #cat #fyp ♬ original sound – Robin 💕

Social media was abuzz recently after a gutsy father-daughter team became viral sensations, not for a trendy dance move or a comedic skit, but for an act of kindness amid chaos.

The star of the video wasn’t a glamorous influencer but a humble stray cat caught in the frightening ambiance of an imminent tornado.

The family, showing the spirit that the world needs more of, offered him a safe haven from the storm, right in their home.

The video, posted by the daughter under the username Robiboo6, has garnered over 1.2 million views and 275,600 likes.

It shows the pair rushing out into a storm, scooping up the streetwise feline by the scruff of his neck, and providing him with refuge from the threatening tornado sirens blaring in the background.

The caption of the video perfectly sums up the sequence of events: “Me and my dad snatching a stray cat up by the scruff of his neck before the tornadoes hit, I’d say he wasn’t mad.”


In an update, Robiboo6 reassured viewers that their furry guest was now “well taken care of” and that he had become quite the celebrity in their neighborhood.

With no official name yet, the lucky kitty has earned affectionate monikers like “Twister” and “Twister Whisker”.

The Humane Society advises that, while stray cats are often adept at fending for themselves, extreme weather can pose a significant threat.

Their recommendations for helping stray cats during severe weather include keeping track of local strays, securing potentially dangerous objects that could be tossed by the wind, and providing extra food and water.

Online, the heroic rescue sparked an outpouring of affection from fellow animal lovers. The video has been flooded with comments praising the family’s quick thinking and lauding the cat for his calm demeanor amidst the stormy situation.

Some viewers even shared similar stories of their families rescuing animals during severe weather, further illustrating the bond between humans and animals.


Em!lyyy, one of the TikTok users, humorously observed about the cat’s reaction, “The way he made himself right at home, he’s like so THIS is what my house friends be talking about, THIS IS NIIIICE.”

With moments like these, social media shows its power to bring people together, sharing the warmth and humanity that everyday heroes can bring during challenging times.

It’s a story of bravery, kindness, and the unanticipated friendships that can arise even during a tornado warning.

As for the star of the show? We have no doubt “Twister Whisker” is enjoying his newfound fame and the comforts of his safe, new home.