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Feisty Feline Hates Everyone — Until She Meets Her Grandpa



Quick Smiles:

  • Nanoos, a feisty orange cat owned by Reem Mohammad, is notorious for her dislike of everyone, particularly children. However, she shows affection for one family member: her grandfather, although the reason remains a mystery to her family.
  • A year after revealing Nanoos’ peculiar behavior, Mohammad noted some progress in her cat’s attitude, largely due to advice from cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. Nanoos is now more open to play and allows Mohammad to hold her occasionally without retaliating.
  • Despite the improvement, Nanoos’ favorite human remains her grandfather and she still holds a strong dislike for children. Nanoos and her family are content with her being her independent self, and they love her for who she is.

In every family, there’s one member who marches to the beat of their own drum, and in the case of Reem Mohammad’s family, it’s their feisty feline, Nanoos.

Nanoos, an orange cat with a bold personality, is notorious for her distinct dislike of everyone and everything — particularly children.

“My cat hates everyone,” Reem Mohammad, Nanoos’ mom, confessed to The Dodo back in 2022.

“She hates humans. She hates other animals. She hates me. She hates everything that essentially breathes.”

Children, however, seem to be Nanoos’ primary enemy.

“She hates them so much,” Mohammad said.


“I think it is because of their innocence, and they’re happy, and she doesn’t like happiness.”

Yet there’s one human who managed to win over Nanoos’ heart: her grandfather.

The reason behind this singular affection remains a mystery to Mohammad.

“The one person that she loves would be my dad,” Mohammad said. “I have no idea why, but he just happens to be that one person.”


A year after this confession, Mohammad reported that Nanoos has somewhat mellowed.

Her behavior remains largely unchanged, but there have been noticeable improvements.

This progress is attributed to the interventions of renowned cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy.

“Nanoos’ behavior is somewhat the same, but there’s still been so much progress that has been made!” Mohammad shared.


“When working with Jackson Galaxy and taking his advice, there’s been positive changes! I play with her a lot more. She doesn’t play back most of the time, but she does sometimes, which is great! I’m able to hold her sometimes without getting scratched or bitten as well!”

Despite these small victories, there’s one constant in Nanoos’ life: her grandfather remains her favorite human.

And her aversion to kids? Still standing strong.

“Kids will always be her enemy,” Mohammad said.

Nanoos may never grow to appreciate the joys of cuddles and kisses, but she’s content being her independent, somewhat prickly self.

And her family, in spite of her quirkiness, loves her just the way she is.