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Firefighter Helps Lost Husky Get Home Safely [Video]



  • Maxx Powell is a professional firefighter who’s used to helping everyone in need.
  • So when he stumbled upon a lost husky while filming a vlog for his YouTube channel, he decided to drop everything and help her get home.
  • The pup has now been safely returned to her parents, thanks to the kind firefighter’s efforts.

As a professional firefighter, Maxx Powell is used to helping people in need — even when he’s off-duty.

Maxx is also a popular YouTube creator with over 129,000 subscribers. He uses his channel to share “current and past adventures and life experiences” as well as motivate everyone into living their best lives.

He was filming a vlog for his channel one day in February when he stumbled upon a lost husky.

Maxx decided to approach the husky, which he spotted near train tracks.

Still filming, Maxx climbed out of his truck and said, “I am 100 percent sure this dog is gonna run away from me, but I never just leave a dog out.”

He made sure to approach cautiously. But it turns out that the pup was actually friendly! He was surprised when the pup approached him and asked for a belly rub.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Not wanting to leave the pup alone, Maxx decided to cancel his plans for the day and took her with him.

He was worried that she could get hit by a train, or wander even further.

So he set out for the vet so they could check if she had a microchip that will help them find her owners.

During the trip, Maxx quickly became attached to her and even named her Merlin. He admitted that huskies are his “dream dog” and hoped that his wife Desiree would let him keep her if they found no owners.

Maxx Powell husky
Photo Credit: YouTube

When they arrived at the vet, they found no microchip. So, he brought Merlin home to meet his wife.

Desiree had a few objections, though. First, she wasn’t sure about expanding the family with another pup. And after observing Merlin, she realized that she had to belong to another family.

She explained, “I’m very excited for her to find her home, because I think she comes from a very good one. She was clean, she’s well-mannered, and you can tell she gets a lot of love at home.”

So, Maxx posted on a few Facebook pages for lost pets to help search for her family. Within a few hours, her family responded.

They got to collect their pup at around 10 that night at Maxx and Desiree’s house.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Merlin’s parents even offered a small cash reward, but Maxx considered her safe return as the reward.

She’s surely lucky to have been rescued by a thoughtful firefighter.

Source: Inspire More