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Firefighters Who Rushed Grandpa To Hospital After Breaking Hip While Mowing His Lawn, Returned To Finish The Work



  • Howard Storelee takes care of the lawn alone since his wife passed away five years ago.
  • Last week, he was mowing his lawn when he fell and didn’t have anyone to immediately rescue.
  • So when three kids heard his call for help and immediately called 911, three kind firefighters rushed him to the hospital and came back later to his house to finish his the job.

Howard Storelee has kept the lawn at his home in Rochester, Washington maintained all by himself since five years ago when his wife passed away. But at times, it proved to be actually hard to do it alone. Last week, he was mowing his lawn when he suddenly fell and lay down there for hours because he was out of sight from his neighbors and other people passing by. 

Until finally, three kids who were walking near his home heard him calling out for help and immediately called 911. Three firefighters from the West Thurston Regional Fire Authority came to respond and rushed Howard to the hospital. They all then went to do their duties for the rest of the day but ending with all of them agreeing to come back to Howard’s house and finish the work on his lawn.

“There was no hesitation from anybody,” one of the rescuers, Alexander Trautman, told The Washington Post. “We talked to our lieutenant and captain, and they were 100 percent behind it.”

We knew he’d be down for a while. We figured the least we could do was go back and help out.”

Howard’s grandson shared on Twitter the touching story of the firefighter who truly cared even going beyond their sworn duties to help his grandfather. 

“My granddad fell this morning while mowing the lawn and broke his hip. The EMT’s that took him to the hospital came back and finished his job for him,” he tweeted.

Captain Dyer responded on his post under the West Thurston Fire Department Twitter account and hoped the elderly man is okay and that should they need anything, they can reach out to him.

We pray for grandpa’s fast recovery and kudos to the kind-hearted fire-heroes!

Source: Tank’s Good News