Firefighters Work Overnight to Rescue Deaf Dog Trapped in Storm Drain [Video]

Firefighters Work Overnight to Rescue Deaf Dog Trapped in Storm Drain

  • When 15-year-old Zoey, a deaf Lab mix, went missing after wandering away from her home, the whole community rallied to search for her.
  • After the water department confirmed her to be trapped in a storm drain under a city street, responders teamed up to excavate and pull the pooch to safety.
  • After over 11 hours, they finally rescued an exhausted but generally unharmed Zoey, who has since been safely returned to her home.

The residents, city workers, police, firefighters, and paramedics of Arlington, Texas all teamed up recently to search for 15-year-old Zoey, a deaf Lab mix who wandered away from her home.

Her mom, Andrea Tankersley, recalled the overwhelming response when she shared on the NextDoor app that their dog has been missing.

“People were like, ‘Here’s my number. Call me and I will come help you find [her],’” she told WFAA.

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Zoey’s dad, Brennan Tankersley, said that they can’t help but call out to her even though she’s deaf.

Dog sounds were heard by some searchers, but they couldn’t pinpoint the location. After two days, city water crews were able to determine that the echoing barks meant that Zoey was trapped in a muddy storm drain beneath a city street.

The water department set up a camera to keep track of Zoey’s condition while the city’s responders teamed up to rescue her.

Despite the extreme heat, the crews worked tirelessly to break up the pavement to get to the concrete drain pipe underneath. They used jackhammers, pneumatic saws, and other heavy equipment and machinery to excavate. The locals helped supply them with refreshments and food.

Firefighters Work Overnight to Rescue Deaf Dog Trapped in Storm Drain
Photo Credit: SWNS

After working overnight and about 10 hours, they lifted a section of the tunnel that revealed the watery channel. Now they had to find a way to get to Zoey and pull her to safety in such a confined tunnel space.

One firefighter suggested rolling her out on a skateboard. Hunter, who’s only in kindergarten, volunteered his skateboard. This skateboard, which was instrumental to Zoey’s rescue, has since been autographed by the responders who helped out and will be returned to the little boy with much gratitude.


Zoey was finally pulled to safety at over 11 hours, to cheering from everyone who kept watch. The exhausted pup was then brought up to the street and into the hands of the waiting emergency care workers.

Thankfully, there were no major health issues. The poor pup was fatigued and distressed, but she got an all-clear from the vet and has since returned home.

Photo Credit: WFAA

Kristi Weil, a police officer on the scene, told WFAA, “Everyone has been so helpful. … I love seeing the community turn out and cheer a successful end to this—and for a family to have their beloved pet returned to them at the end of the day.”


Source: Good News Network

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