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First Responders Play Bagpipes During Sunset To Battle The Unseen Enemy And Spread Hope And Unity [Video]



  • Music has been bringing people together in times of joy and in times of distress.
  • And this is what Sunset Solidarity is about—to bring people together in one mind and one heart as we battle the unseen enemy.
  • The sound of bagpipes and drums fills people’s hearts with hope amid the pandemic.

Since time immemorial, music has been bringing people together in solidarity especially in times of adversity.

With the novel coronavirus pandemic, people confined themselves inside the safety of their homes—and sometimes, isolation can be really sad. That is why they find a way to connect with each other. Just like how the sound of bagpipes in the neighborhoods throughout the country bring people together in one mind during sunset every day.

“The pipes have a centuries-long tradition of inspiring courage and resolve to people in times of distress,” said a captain at Aurora Fire Department, Thomas Johnson.

The spearheading group, Colorado Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, is composed of first responders from different police and fire departments across the state—in which Thomas is also a member. Despite social distancing in place, they manage to play together beautiful harmony at a safe distance.

With the help of musicians throughout the U.S., they started the “Sunset Solidarity”—a mass movement of drummers and bagpipers who play their instruments from sunset until dusk. With this, they hope to spread joy in people’s hearts and hope in every soul.

“Last night, I heard some applause from the neighbors around us,” Thomas said. “That’s the positive reinforcement back to me that this is doing what we’re hoping that it does.”

Photo Credit: Rico Romero

Big thanks for this very inspiring movement that is spreading hope and joy as we conquer this pandemic together. We shall live to see each other and hug each other again.

Source: Inspire More