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Fisherman Receives the Sweetest Welcome Home Greeting from 2-Year-Old Daughter [Video]



  • The thought of loved ones waiting back at home has always kept fisherman Ben Rowse going while out at sea for days or weeks on end.
  • One such homecoming was captured in a heartwarming video that featured his 2-year-old daughter’s excitement to welcome him back home.
  • Little Toni-Rose excitedly waved at him and called out his name the moment she saw his boat, and ran out to greet him with a warm embrace.

Heading out to sea for days or even weeks can get difficult for commercial fisherman Ben Rowse, but the thought of his loved ones waiting for him back home helps keep him going.

Ben, a skipper for the Real Cornish Crab Company in Cornwall, England, always gets excited to return home to his 2-year-old daughter.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Ben’s partner, Tegan Howard, captured one such homecoming on video.

Little Toni-Rose excitedly waved her arms and called out her dad’s name as soon as she spotted his boat.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Watch their precious encounter in the video below:

The best welcome home a daddy can get! ???????? Skipper Ben Rowse being chased into Newlyn Harbour by his adorable two year old daughter, Toni-Rose ❤️ We know how tough it can be for fishermen working away from their families but homecomings like this make it all worth it. Happy Father's Day to all the doting dads, stepdads and granddads out there. We hope you're being spoilt rotten (if you're lucky enough to be home today!) ✨Posted by The Real Cornish Crab Co. on Sunday, June 21, 2020

In the video, we can hear Toni-Rose’s tiny, excited voice as she calls for her father. As Ben’s boat makes it way to the dock, she happily runs along to greet his dad.

As soon as she reaches him, Ben scoops her up in his arms for a tight embrace.

What an incredibly sweet moment!

Tegan shared, “He’d only been away a couple of days. He usually goes for about two or three days but sometimes up to five days. She does miss him. They FaceTime when he’s away, but she sometimes doesn’t see him for over a week.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Ben’s employer shared the heartwarming video on Facebook on Father’s Day, with the caption: “We know how tough it can be for fishermen working away from their families, but homecomings like this make it all worth it.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Ben, whose father is also a fisherman, shared how his daughter’s reaction reminded him of his own childhood.

Homecomings like this truly make for a sweet family tradition.


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