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Fish’s Pokémon Game Skills Leads The Pet To Commit Credit Card Fraud



  • A Japanese YouTuber named Mutekimaru was training his pet fish to play a Pokémon game series but faster.
  • While live streaming the game, the pet fish accessed the Nintendo eShop and accidentally showed Mutekimaru’s credit card details.
  • Other players used the credit card to purchase items, charging it to Mutekimaru amounting to 500 yen.

A pet fish has been trained to use a Nintendo Switch by its owner, Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru.  The YouTuber used a special overlay grid with controls on it to match a Switch console for the fish to play a Pokémon game series.

Back in 2020, the fish had already completed the Sapphire version of the game series. 

Mutekimaru wanted the fish to do it faster so he live-streamed it. But at 1,100 hours, the fish was able to access the Nintendo eShop and Mutekimaru’s credit card details were accidentally shown for others to access too!

Some of the users used it to buy a new Nintendo avatar which cost around 10 reward points and bought a Nintendo 64 emulator app.  They also set up an account on PayPal.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Good thing that PayPal needs his email to set up the account, it only reached up to validation.

They even changed his Nintendo account name to “ROWAWAWAWAWAY”!

And Mutekimaru only realized what was happening after seven hours and cut the live stream right away.

By then, the charges amounted to 500 Yen or around £3.09.  Fortunately, Nintendo gave him back the total after he explained what happened.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

You can still watch the stream but credit card details can no longer be seen.

What have you got to say, pet fish?

Source: Daily Star