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Fitness Instructor Hosts Social Distant Dance Parties So Neighbors Can Stay Fit And Connected During Quarantine [Video]



  • Elsa Williams shared a video on Twitter of her mom leading a dance routine in their neighborhood.
  • Her mom works as a fitness instructor and she had always wanted to help especially her elderly neighbors during this time.
  • Now, the dance routine is something they all look forward to everyday.

During this time when most of us have to isolate to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, it could be very lonely to not be able to connect with our friends. That’s why people are finding ways to look for each other.

Elsa Williams from the city of Chester, Liverpool, England, recently posted a video on Twitter to remind everyone how much fun we can have even when at home.

In the video, her mom, Janet Woodcock, who is a fitness instructor, leads their neighbors dancing to “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones. “Our road hardly spoke to each other before this,” Elsa shared online.

Everything started when a few weeks ago, Janet thought of comforting her elderly neighbors so she put notes on each of their mailboxes telling them she can deliver food for them and they can call her whenever they feel lonely.

Photo Credit: Elsa Williams

“I felt I needed to do a bit more to reach out as there are lots of elderly people on our street,” she said. “So I put another note around inviting people to come out of their homes at 11 a.m. each morning so we could all send positive thoughts and love to each other. That’s all it was meant to be.”

But Janet received a reply from others who said it was hard for them to stay active. This gave Janet the great and started playing loud music and dancing in front of her home. Soon enough, others came out and joined the dancing!

“I honestly thought it would just be a few of us, but more and more people kept coming out, and the response has been amazing,” she said. “It’s just escalated!”

Photo Credit: Elsa Williams

Now, her neighbors are looking forward to the dance routine everyday.

“It’s giving people something to look forward to every day, some fresh air, seeing other people,” Janet said. “Last week it was brilliant when the sun was shining. It might be more of a challenge this week but we’ll keep going!”

Such an amazing way to get connected with your neighbors! For sure, when everything is over, they’d be closer to each other than ever!

Source: Inspire More