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Five Teens Saved Deputy From Violent Attack



  • Deputy Elliott was on her way home after the shift when she encountered a car crash.
  • She went to confront the suspect, but he got violent and tried to choke her with his hands on her neck
  • That’s when the five brave teenagers rushed to rescue her and pin the lawbreaker down on the ground.

While it’s true that a police officer’s work is to save lives, they are humans too, and sometimes they are the ones who need saving.

That’s what Deputy Elliott has been thankful for when five teenagers bravely saved her life during an unexpected turn of events in an encounter with a lawbreaker.

The sheriff at King County Sheriff’s Office in Washington was on her way home after her shift on July 18. It was about 1 a.m. when she saw a car crash involving a number of vehicles, so she stopped her patrol car and went on to check.

Photo Credit: David Rose Q13 Fox News

One of the drivers involved in the scene confessed that the man who caused the accident was drunk and he was escaping. Elliott rushed to stop him, but the drunk man refused to even listen. He got violent and the two of them brawled until he overcame Elliott and had his hands wrapped around her neck.

That’s when the five teenagers rushed to her aide and soon enough they had pinned him to the ground so Elliott could handcuff him. Elliot was so grateful for them so after everything, she gave her young saviors a big hug.

Photo Credit: David Rose Q13 Fox News

Auburn Police Chief Daniel O’Neil and Sheriff Mitzi Johanknect recognized the teens’ act of heroism and presented each one of them with a Medal of Heroism Award. It was their bravery that saved Elliott from any further harm from the encounter. 

“We cannot thank these five young men enough for coming to Deputy Elliott’s rescue. They quite possibly saved her life,” the department posted on Facebook. “Moms and Dads, you should be proud of these kids!”

Now that’s outstanding courage right there! Good job boys!

Source: Inspire More