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Fluffy Cat’s Bedtime Blunder Sparks Laughter



Quick Smiles:

  • A humorous video featuring a semi-feral cat trying to find comfort on a bed, only to retreat when the presence of her owner is realized, has sparked heaps of laughter across the internet.
  • The unusual behaviour of this fluffy orange cat opens a dialogue concerning the distinct characters of orange cats and their noted propensity for boldness.
  • The video has created a significant engagement on social media, collecting more than 2.9 million views and 64,540 likes on Instagram.

The latest internet sensation is a video of a semi-feral cat that, in an effort to snuggle on the bed, discovers her owner occupying it and makes an immediate exit. This charming incident was filmed and posted on Instagram under the username freedomfarmhouse.

Cats are known for their independent and sometimes standoffish character, which can be even more pronounced in cats that have not been adequately socialized as kittens. This is particularly evident in feral cats who have limited interactions with humans.

The video, which was shared last Wednesday, captures the fluffy orange cat hopping onto the bed and scouting for the perfect nap spot. Upon noticing her owner, she quickly changes her mind and decides to leave swiftly.

Orange cats, such as the one in the video, are famous for their eccentric behaviour. But is there any truth to this claim? And if so, what could possibly be the reason?

According to an article from 2020 in Psychology Today, while there is no scientific backing to this belief, it is perceived that orange cats are friendlier than other cats, perhaps due to their adventurous nature.

The article posits: “Perhaps orange male cats, due to their assertive status and daring personalities, feel more open to approaching humans, who often intimidate timid cats.”


Furthermore, it’s thought that male cats, especially orange ones, are marginally more amicable towards people than female cats.


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