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Former First Lady Michelle Obama Shares A Video Of A Father And Daughter Singing A Song About The Joy Of Being Black



  • Earlier this month, former first lady, Michelle Obama shared a viral video of a father and daughter singing a song about being black.
  • She said she loves it in her caption and included a hashtag #BlackJoy.
  • Daniel and Dakota share a love of music and they both take it as a bonding activity during the quarantine.

Michelle Obama’s attention was caught by the video of a father-daughter duo who sang about  the joy of being Black which has gone viral on the internet.

Daniel Johnson’s and his 5-year-old daughter Dakota’s video singing together was shared earlier this month by the former first lady to her Instagram account with more than 40 million followers. She captioned the video with: “I just love this!,” along with a hashtag #BlackJoy.

The song has powerful lyrics that say, “I love my Black so much, so much,” and “We are strong and we are powerful.”

Daniel told GMA the singing has been a daily bonding activity with his daughter.

“It’s just something I do for her to build her confidence,” he said and described it as his daughter’s “empowerment sessions.” But he never expected that it would have such a big impact on the world.

He usually sings full-time at the churches in his community but now stays at home during the lockdown which gave him a lot of time to spend with two daughters and his wife, Titeanna — who is now pregnant with their third child.

The dad and daughter both share the same passion in music and their now viral video was filmed when she was only 4. That time, Daniel was also helping her daughter overcome her speech delay. Now, she does not only love to talk fluently, but also loves to sing with her dad.

Photo Credit: Daniel Johnson

Daniel was thrilled when he learned that Obama shared their video and said he never would’ve expected it to happen “in a million years.”

“I believe Mrs. Obama was inspired by it because she’s a strong Black powerful woman,” he said. “Even with where she is in her life, to see a 4-year-old girl singing such powerful words, I think that would inspire anybody.”

Source: Good Morning America