Former stray dog saves owner who was suffering from a stroke

  • Bunny, a stray dog, visited Mason while he was moving into his new home.
  • Mason brought the dog to a shelter and then adopted her a week later.
  • When Mason suffered a stroke in the bathroom, his dog helped save his life. 

Bunny the pit bull mix raised enough of a fuss to aid her owner who was having a stroke, four months after she was rescued from life as a stray pup.

According to a story from WEWS, Chad Mason of Canton, Ohio, adopted Bunny last spring. The stray dog visited Mason while he was moving into his new home, even sliding under his leg. He brought her to the Stark County dog warden and adopted her a week later from the shelter after being guaranteed “first crack” at taking her home.

Mason suffered a stroke in the bathroom later that year.

“I remember hitting the floor. My right side didn’t work. My dog started freaking out,” Mason said. “She sure the heck knew something was wrong.”  

He dragged himself to the front door and opened it, thinking Bunny would bring help. She dashed to the end of their driveway and started barking nonstop. It worked, as Misty Gore, a neighbor, came over to investigate what was happening.


Mason rolled himself outside at that point, according to WEWS. Gore dashed back to her house with Bunny in tow to retrieve her phone. She sat with Mason and Bunny while waiting for the ambulance.

“I think she’s amazing,” Gore said. “She saved his life.”

Thanks to Bunny, Mason has recently begun his rehabilitation and his speech has improved.

Source: Daily Paws

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