Fourth-Grader Competes With High School Students As A Guide Runner For His Blind Buddy [Video]

  • Rebel loves running and is passionate in helping people too. 
  • So when he was tapped to become a guide runner for a blind high school student, he said yes without hesitation! 
  • He worked hard to keep up with older competitors as he buddies with Paul who is sight impaired.

Rebel Hays might be just a little kid but his heart is big. He loves to help other people just as much as how he adores running. That makes him the best buddy for Paul Scott. 

The fourth-grader from Arkansas, was named the โ€œFastest Kid in Fayetteville,โ€ among his age group, in 2019. This year, he challenged himself to keep up with older students in high school as a guide runner for a blind student. 

4th grader helps blind 9th grader run cross country

“I have to do it for Paul.” | 4th grader Rebel helps blind 9th grader Paul to run cross country. ????

Posted by HeartThreads on Wednesday, 28 October 2020

That’s how he met Paul โ€” a ninth-grader whose sight is impaired. Paul’s school, West Fork High School, looked for a volunteer to help him compete in cross country courses โ€” which Rebel was thrilled to take part in! 

With the use of a rope that connected them, the duo started with 2-mile stretches, but soon enough, they advanced to 5K. Their next target is to complete a 5K race as quickly as 20mins only or less. So he practices every day to make that possible. 

โ€œIโ€™ll admit itโ€™s pretty hard, but itโ€™s all for Paul. I have to do it for Paul,โ€ Rebel said.

Photo Credit: West Fork Tigers Cross Country and Track (Facebook)

As for Paul, Rebel and his hard work is enough to inspire him and motivate him to work harder as well. 

Holcomb Elementary, Rebel’s school, is so proud of the kid’s dedication! And so is West Fork. 

โ€œRebel is a stud runner, but even more importantly, he has a huge heart,โ€ West Fork wrote on Facebook. โ€œThank you, Rebel! We all appreciate you A LOT!โ€

Photo Credit: WCNC

Paul himself is very inspirational for pursuing his passion in sports despite his situation. He is very lucky to be surrounded with loving and ever supportive family, friends, and community! 

Rebel on the other hand is the best! His compassion to help others and perseverance is moving!

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Bless you young man for helping your friend run in this race that was his dream to run in. Thank you.