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Friendship Between Hairless Cat and Bearded Dragon Goes Viral and The Internet Wants More



  • This sphynx cat and bearded dragon share a friendship that everyone online would love to see.
  • Their owner set up an Instagram page dedicated to the friendship between her two pets.
  • The page shares funny moments in their friendship captured in photos or occasional videos.

This is another unlikely BFF story that everyone online would love.

Akasha is a unique sphynx cat. She is hairless with two eye colors, different on each side. Her appearance is attracting attention on the internet, especially from many cat lovers. But this is not what is most endearing about her.

The cat shares a special bond with Valak, a bearded dragon. The relationship between the animals is unlikely, but the two sure make it work!

Michelle Morris decided on sharing the story about the unusual friendship online, signing up for an Instagram account dedicated to posting pictures of the two animals together.

The Sphynx cat breed is unusual for many. Their features often likened to that of aliens or strange chicken without feathers, but Michelle does not think that way. She says that her cat is the “sweetest” cat and she does not care about the appearance. After all, everybody would be lucky if they have a pet like Akasha!

The cat befriends just about anyone, this includes the other pets Michelle cares for. “I think she would just play and be friends with anyone or anything,” she added.

The Instagram page posts pictures of the two animals, sometimes hanging out the cat tree or cuddling next to each other. The page also shares funny moments in their friendship captured in photos or occasional videos.

Sphynx cats required more maintenance compared to other cats. Michelle says hairless cats need extra love and attention because of the lacking fur on their bodies. This means that their skin needs additional care.


“These cats also need to be protected from the elements so the sun could burn them and they must be protected from cold,” she said. “They lose heat through their skin so they are quite warm to the touch. They also have a higher metabolism and eat more than the normal cat.”

These additional efforts, by the end of the day, do not matter, says Michelle. Akasha makes her daily life better, all of her pets at home do.

The animals are both unique, but very much alike. Their beautiful friendship clicks because of their fun-loving, laid-back personalities. There is an increasing number of unlikely BFFs out there, but this one definitely comes at the top.

Source: Inspire More