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Gay Man Bullied for Rainbow House Idea Helped By Supportive Community



  • Openly gay Mykey O’Halloran had saved money to buy a small beach house and wanted to paint it with rainbow stripes.
  • A few of his neighbors threatened Mykey when they heard about his rainbow house idea.
  • A hundred people volunteered to help him paint the house “whatever colors” he wanted it.

Mykey O’Halloran is a proud member of the LGBTQ community in Australia. He owns Unicorn Manes salon that specializes in vibrant, rainbow-hued hairstyles.

After saving enough money, he bought a small beach house on Australia’s Phillip Island, a small Australian community of about 7,000 people.

Instantly, he realizes that his beige new home needs a makeover. So the 29-year-old planned to paint the beach house in rainbow stripes.

But when some of his neighbors heard about his rainbow house idea, a group of aggressive men confronted him over his plan.

“They told me, ‘Don’t do it. Paint your house and see what happens, because next time we meet, it won’t be so nice.’ “ Mykey said.

Photo Credit: @unicorn_manes_bymykey (Instagram)

The men also shouted homophobic slurs while one of them threatened to kill him. The man was charged with unlawful assault and making threats to kill after a few days, according to a statement from Victoria Police.

Mykey posted this on Facebook: “I am a good person in society and I bring joy with rainbows, and no opinionated homophobic that’s opposed to the decision of how I want to live my life is going to take that away from me. This house will be rainbow, and it will be rainbow with pride.”

Photo Credit: @unicorn_manes_bymykey (Instagram)

“I felt a lot of fear in my body about anything that was potentially about to happen. I cried myself to sleep last night after feeling so invaded, violated, homophobically attacked and threatened in my very own home,” Mykey added.

Last night I was homophobically attacked at my new house on Phillip Island I had 5 men aggressively banging the front…Posted by Mykey O’Halloran on Tuesday, 16 March 2021

People who read his post volunteered to help him paint the house “whatever colors” he wanted it. On April 18, more than 100 people showed up at his home. The group of volunteers brought paintbrushes and helped him paint his home.


“The positive response filled my heart with love and made me feel supported and not alone,” Mykey told the Post. “People were dropping by to shake my hand, say hello and welcome me to the neighborhood.”

Someone even donated surveillance cameras for his house in case anyone threatens him again.

Mykey posted a new message on social media: “My message now is don’t let anyone else dull your sparkle, and always stay true to yourself. The message we must take out of this situation and learn from this is to stand your ground, don’t let bullies tell you how you should be living your life.”

Source: PEOPLE