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“Genius” Dog Wows the Internet with Her Mathematical Prowess [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Luna, a cockapoo, has become an internet sensation for demonstrating her ability to do arithmetic.
  • According to the American Kennel Club, dogs possess some mathematical skills, including counting and simple addition and subtraction.
  • Luna’s math demonstration has garnered over 854,000 views and 63,200 likes on TikTok, along with a slew of admiring comments from users.

Prepare to have your mind blown by a four-legged math genius!

Luna, a charming cockapoo, has become an internet sensation after demonstrating her uncanny ability to do arithmetic.

The proof is in a TikTok clip, where Luna is shown responding accurately to a subtraction problem presented by her owner.

“Hey, Luna, what’s 15 minus 10?” Luna’s owner asks.

Then, without missing a beat, Luna strikes a bell with her paw, five times in total – the correct answer to her owner’s question!

Her reward? Well-deserved praise: “Good job!”


This extraordinary clip was aptly captioned, “The thought process and execution…”

While Luna’s mathematical prowess might seem extraordinary, dogs do have some math skills, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Not only can dogs count, but they can also perform simple addition and subtraction.

AKC explains, “For example, it is necessary for a female to know if all of her pups are present or if one of them had somehow gone astray and requires a search-and-rescue mission to be launched.”

The internet has lapped up Luna’s math skills, with the video garnering over 854,000 views and 63,200 likes on TikTok.

A stream of adoring comments followed the post, with user josephsirwali asking, “Is it possible for you to wait for about 5 seconds after before saying good job? I wanna see something.”


BEILY celebrated Luna with, “She’s fantasticcccccccc take good care of this beautiful dog.”

Sassybre7 humorously conceded, “Luna is better at math than I am.”

With Luna leading the way, we’re given a glimpse of the surprising potential that lies within our furry friends.

Here’s to Luna, our canine mathematician, and her ability to add so much joy to our day!