German Shepherd Is Mom’s Adorable Laundry Helper [Video]

  • A TikTok video of a German Shepherd helping her mom with the laundry has gone viral.
  • The dog named Anya has always loved to help with the household chores ever since she was a puppy and now she’s helping mom with the laundry.
  • Anya was not trained on how to take the clothes out of the dryer but she taught herself how to do it.

Through the years, dogs have been man’s faithful companions. They also help in human activities from hunting in the old days, herding sheep on farms and rescuing people.  These days, they have proven to be excellent service animals to those who have physical and mental needs.


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Dogs just give all their love and life to their humans.  They are willing servants to their masters.    

TikTok user @anyathegsd posted a video of her beloved German Shepherd dog that has gone viral.  Anya is a perfect example of a dog that although was not trained or asked to do so, helps her mom with the household chores.  In the adorable video, Anya helps her mom with the laundry by taking the clothes out of the dryer and handing them out to her mom.

Here is another video of Anya doing other chores for her mom.


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The video’s texts read that ever since she was a puppy, Anya already loves to help.  They do not know why she does it but it sure makes doing laundry a whole lot better.  Anya is one smart and sweet doggie!

And viewers could not help but agree as @kels_dreamer said, “This has got to be one of the sweetest things I’ve seen today. Those beautiful eyes, her helping, and wanting to be near you…so lovely.” @taylor_762 added, “You can see the love in her soulful eyes. She’s beautiful.”


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Other commenters like @elleaz09 jokingly wrote, “I sent this to my dog. She rolled her eyes and blocked my number,” and @wendyrboo quipped, “Can she teach my dogs to do this please?” It doesn’t hurt to wish that dogs could help them as Anya does, would it?

But yes, Anya’s mom is fortunate to have her and we wish we had one Anya, too! After all, wanting our dogs to have her quality does not mean we love them any less.

Anya also loves reminding people that they are loved and inspiring viewers with her uplifting messages.


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Good job, Anya!

You can follow Anya on Tiktok to be inspired by her messages and wonderful personality.

Source: Pet Helpful

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