German Shepherd’s annoyance at mom vacuuming is classic [Video]

  • Most people hate the sound of the vacuum. 
  • However, it is what helps us clean up all our pets’ fur. 
  • One dog had the best reaction to her mom vacuuming. 

You know how some individuals enjoy cleaning their homes? The majority of us can’t tolerate it, especially when we have to vacuum every day to clean up all of our four-legged friend’s fur. Even our nightmares are haunted by the awful sound of the vacuum. We’d bark at vacuums like many dogs if it wasn’t against the rules. However, if we panicked every time the vacuum was switched on, the house would never get cleaned.

If only our dogs could prevent us from vacuuming the way this German Shepherd did to TikTok user @mooseknuckleshuffle26! This German Shepherd was probably fed up with his mother’s housekeeping habits because more cleaning means less fun! He decided to take issues into his own hands and express his true feelings about her vacuuming. It’s completely funny what he does.

He despised that vacuum and had finally worked out a means to exorcise the demon. And, as the caption indicates, he was defending his mother from the monster, so she can’t be angry!

β€œDog knows the Achilles heel to the vacuum,” @Tyson Bartel commented.

He went straight to the source, just like Karen goes straight to the management, instead of wasting his energy barking to get the noise to stop. LOL! This mom believes her dog was attempting to defend her, but we believe he was simply annoyed.

According to one user, the dog was probably thinking:

β€˜Mom, I was napping!” Ha! How dare she interrupt his slumber?!Β 

β€œWhen ur dog pays the house bills πŸ˜‚,” commented another.

He’s telling her that she’s used all her vacuuming time and that he can’t afford to raise the electric bill any further. It’s time to cut cleaning time in half so there’s more time for fun!

Source: Pet Helpful

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That is one smart dog. Quit bothering my quite time please.