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Girl Scouts grows sales with the help of drone delivery service Wing [Video]



  • Girl Scouts experienced a significant decline in cookie sales driven by the restrictions brought by the pandemic.
  • Wing, Google-owned company, has helped in growing back Girl Scouts’ sales with its contactless, drone delivery service.
  • The company has even committed in helping the girls sell 3,000 boxes!

Perhaps, it’s never meant for Girl Scouts to be beaten by the pandemic and the lack of economic trades it carries with it. There’s a way to knock the repercussions of this life-changing global thing: technology.

Like any other businesses’ shortfall given the restrictions of COVID-19, Girl Scouts experienced a 50% drop in cookie sales in April. But a local Girl Scout troop in Christiansburg, Virginia rose above the challenge and partnered with Wing, Google’s delivery service.

With Wing’s drone delivery shipping, sales have started soaring back up! Christiansburg, where the first and only American residential drone delivery service is run, can now get Samoas, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, and more!

On top of this, Wing has also been working with the local scouts, educating them on how drone technology works, in hopes that the girls would be inspired to pursue STEM careers.

“In return, they’re teaching us a lot about how to sell cookies,” one spokesperson told GNN.

The company has also committed to help the girls sell 3,000 boxes.

In 2020, Wing’s contactless delivery service also offered assistance to a few local Christiansburg businesses. Out of the total sales of Mockingbird Café bakery, 25 percent was accounted to drone shipment. A local library also began using Wing to deliver books to kids at home, GNN reported.

Recently, a Virginia Tech survey revealed that 87% of consumers in the nearby southern Virginia town liked the idea of drone delivery — which could be totally logical given its efficiencies. Drones can deliver goods in minutes, with a system that’s 10x as efficient as electric vehicles and 50x more efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles.


“It makes a lot more sense to deliver a 1lb box of cookies with a 10lb drone than it does to do it with a 3,000lb car,” Wing said.

The best part is, you get your parcel smoothly dropped into your front yard, adding a little excitement to the whole delivery experience.

Source: Good News Network