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Golden Retriever Puppy Surprised By Window Cleaner — Watch the Adorable Video!



Quick Smiles:

  • Ferris, a five-month-old golden retriever, amused the internet with his puzzled attempts to make friends with a window washer on the other side of his apartment window.
  • Ferris’ curiosity and confusion resonated with viewers, as the video of the encounter has since gone viral.
  • Another golden retriever, Ace, also gained online fame when he climbed a ladder to join his owner on the roof, showing that these dogs’ interactions with the world often bring joy and laughter.

They say every dog has its day, and for Ferris, a five-month-old golden retriever, it was one of discovery, confusion, and a new friend.

A delightful video that emerged on June 7 captured the pup’s comical encounter with a window washer, leaving us chuckling and heartwarmed.

Ensconced in his eighth-floor Minnesota apartment, Ferris was intrigued by a peculiar spectacle unfolding on the other side of the window.

A window washer, with a smile brighter than a freshly washed pane, had popped up, and Ferris was on a mission: meet this new friend.

Despite the glass barrier, Ferris attempted to make his furry acquaintance known. As he nuzzled the window, the cleaner jested, pretending to tap the pup’s nose.


The playful pantomime was met with more adorable bafflement from Ferris.

He followed the cleaner’s hand along the window, attempting to make contact through the glass.

Eventually, the puzzled pup gave up his chase and threw a glance at the camera, as if to ask, “What just happened?”

Ferris’ owner, Anna Gordon, described the event to Storyful.

“He had never experienced a window washer before and was very curious why someone was on the other side of the glass,” she shared, giving insight into the golden retriever’s amusing reaction.

Gordon noted that even after the window washer moved on to lower floors, Ferris couldn’t help but search for his vanished friend.


But Ferris isn’t the only golden retriever making waves – or, in this case, climbing ladders.

In 2021, an older golden retriever named Ace had his moment of fame when he climbed onto a rooftop, tailing his owner who was hanging Christmas lights.

Ace’s owner, Vince Matteson, narrated in a video, “I’m up here, taking down my lights. Turn around, Ace climbs up this whole ladder by himself and is now on top of the roof.”

As it turned out, Ace had embarked on this impressive ladder-climbing adventure while his canine comrade, Bo, stood guard below.

While their situations differ, one truth rings clear: there’s something irresistibly charming about golden retrievers navigating the world.


Whether they’re trying to befriend window washers through glass panes or climbing ladders for a better view, these encounters are pawsitively delightful, showcasing the curious and joy-inducing nature of these beloved pooches.