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Golden Retriever Serenades Seattle with Fire-Truck Siren Ballads [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Charles, a 3-year-old golden retriever from Seattle, has gone viral on TikTok for his endearing habit of howling whenever he hears a fire-truck siren. His videos, posted by owner Caralyn Corso, have received over 227,000 views.
  • The canine’s behavior harks back to the communication methods of wolves, his wild ancestors. Yet, Charles only howls to fire-truck sirens, not other types of sirens, an intriguing twist that adds to his unique charm.
  • TikTok users are enamored with Charles’ performances, praising his warm-up “whoofs” before the actual howl and humorously referring to his careful preparation as ‘vocal cord warming’ and ‘mic checks.’ The adorable pup has become a source of joy, adding a smile to the faces of viewers worldwide.

@caralync0 When you have to warm up your “awoooo” first #goldenretrieverlife #dogsoftiktok #firetruck #dogsontiktok #howlstofiretrucksiren #goldenretriever #dogsoftiktokviral #dog ♬ original sound – Caralyn C

Get ready to say “awoo” to the latest viral sensation on TikTok – a melodious golden retriever named Charles who just can’t resist singing along whenever he hears a fire-truck siren.

This delightful doggy has been garnering smiles and laughter across the globe, with his TikTok debut racking up over 227,000 views!

His human, 35-year-old registered nurse Caralyn Corso (@caralync0), hailing from Seattle, has been documenting Charles’ siren serenades since he was just a wee pup of 5 to 6 months old.

He’s now three, and his performances are more captivating than ever, with each video beginning with a couple of pre-performance ‘whoofs’ before launching into his soulful howl.

In the caption to his latest hit, Corso penned, “When you have to warm up your ‘awooo’ first.”

But why the howling, you may wonder? This charming canine behavior traces back to our furry friends’ wild relatives – the wolves.


According to Dr. Hector Joy, a veterinarian who contributed to a 2020 article for PetMD, wolves use howling for identification, intruder alerts, and bonding within their pack.

“While dogs are different from wolves, they did keep plenty of wolf behaviors, including howling,” he explains.

The mystery deepens, though, when Corso reveals that it’s only fire-truck sirens that get Charles crooning.

“He doesn’t howl to any other type of sirens, just the fire trucks in our area. Police trucks and ambulances don’t inspire him, apparently.” Corso said.

Corso added, “The howling came out of nowhere. He wasn’t around any other dogs that did this. So, now every time I hear a fire truck, I pull my phone out when I’m with Charles. He gets into it!”

Indeed, in the viral clip, Charles can be seen attentively looking into the distance, warming up with a couple of ‘whoofs’ and barks, before belting out his signature croaky howl.


TikTok users have been absolutely smitten with Charles’ performances.

Nicola Blue gushed, “This was too cute,” while user7690695092821 echoed the sentiment with, “Awww the warm up is so cute.”

User ecomventurebro humorously added, “don’t wanna strain a cord, gotta warm up.”

The comment section brimmed with lighthearted appreciation for Charles’ attention to vocal health, with Bonar joking, “Just doin a mic check,” and Josh praising, “He did a fantastic job!”

So the next time you hear a fire-truck siren, stop and imagine our furry friend Charles somewhere in Seattle, warming up his ‘awooos’ to deliver another heartwarming performance.

His howling serenades are a joyous reminder of the simple pleasures in life and the unyielding power of a good, hearty howl to bring a smile to our faces.