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Golden Retriever’s Park Sit-In Ends in Joyous Canine Reunion



Quick Smiles:

  • Golden retriever Charlie stages a sit-in at the park, waiting for his friends to arrive.
  • After a 15-minute protest, Charlie’s friends show up, proving his patience was not in vain.
  • The heartening video has garnered over 723,400 views, 71,300 likes, and 212 comments on TikTok.

Every dog has its day, and for Charlie, a golden retriever, that day is best spent at the park with his friends. However, on a recent outing with his owner, Lauren Lieberman, Charlie found himself at an empty park. Not a single furry friend was in sight, and Charlie was visibly disappointed.

Refusing to let his spirits dampen, Charlie decided to stage a protest. He dug his paws into the snow and stood his ground, refusing to budge. His determination was so strong that he even lay down, making it impossible for Lieberman to move him.

“He was insistent that at least one friend would show up,” Lieberman shared on her TikTok account, @laurenandcody.


Lesson of the day: THE DOG IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

♬ original sound – Lauren, Cody & Charlie

And sure enough, Charlie’s patience paid off. After nearly 15 minutes of waiting, his friends arrived at the park. Charlie’s triumphant moment was akin to him saying, “I told you so,” to his mom.

Lieberman admitted, “the dog is always right.”


Despite Lieberman’s attempts to convince Charlie that they couldn’t wait all day for his friends, Charlie’s intuition told him otherwise. His constant vigilance and unwavering hope were truly inspiring. Eventually, his friends, or as Lieberman calls them, the “dogvengers,” assembled.

Perhaps Charlie had an inkling that his friends wouldn’t let him down. Or maybe there was a pre-planned meet-up that only the dogs were privy to. Regardless, it would have been a disheartening walk home had his friends not shown up.

The video of Charlie’s protest and eventual victory, posted on February 21, has since gone viral. It has amassed over 723,400 views, 71,300 likes, and 212 comments on TikTok.

One viewer commented, “He sent out his pup signal and they all come running.”

Another added, “In his defense, HE had nowhere to be, so he COULD wait all day.”

Interestingly, Charlie isn’t the only dog known to protest. A dog walker commented on the video, “My biggest life lesson being a dog walker is that you CANNOT move a golden that doesn’t want to move.”