Goldendoodle Is The Perfect Wingman for Cyclist As They Explore The World

  • Cliff Bush has been cycling for a decade and his best partner so far is his best friend Goldendoodle, Brodie.
  • The duo is easily identifiable as Brodie is strapped to Cliff’s back with a K9 Sport Sack backpack, safety gear and canine goggles similar to Cliff’s.
  • The two have been cycling in their neighborhood and traveling the world and has gained a multitude of followers on TikTok and Instagram.

When you see a goldendoodle riding a bike strapped to the back of his human and wearing canine goggles, chances are it is Brodie and his dad Cliff Bush.

The duo has been turning heads and gaining fans wherever they cycle around town.

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It all started when Cliff purchased a special backpack for 75-pound Brodie so he could bring him along his rides.  But whenever he drops Brodie in his house for his longer solo rides, Brodie would look sad.

Cliff said, “I could tell [Brodie] didn’t want it to end.”

And so, Cliff bought a K9 Sport Sack backpack, safety gear and canine goggles to protect Brodie from debris, UV rays and wind.  This has become Brodie’s trademark that people have come to recognize. People cannot help but take photos and videos of the duo that they share on social media.

But when Cliff created Brodie’s own TikTok and Instagram pages, their popularity soared!

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Now Cliff has devoted his full time to being with Brodie, managing the accounts and traveling the world with his canine best friend.  He no longer works as an accountant and business consultant.

The proud dad said, “He’s just honestly the chillest dog in the world. He doesn’t require much training in regards to just being down for fun and having a good time.”

Every other week, Cliff and Brodie take “short, little joy rides” to safe areas during off-times to avoid traffic in their neighborhood near the beach. Cliff also ensures that it is not too hot for Brodie and him.

Cliff added, “We’ve never had a crash. I’m very cognizant of the fact that he’s on my back. We keep the rides really safe.”

Have fun and safe adventures, Brodie and Cliff! 

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