Grieving goose keeps returning to shopping center where his partner was hit by a car

  • A shopping mall in Canada is now a site for grieving by a lonely male goose whose partner has died.
  • The male goose returns to the mall as it is where he last saw his partner and is near the site where she was hit by a car.
  • Shop owners, staff and mall goers are heartbroken over the sad sight of the mourning goose but hope he learns to love again and finds a new partner.

A lonely male goose now waits at shops’ rooftops daily at the CF Shops at Don Mills in Toronto, Canada.  Shop owners and staff and shopgoers who learn of the goose’s story are heartbroken for the mourning goose.

His mate was hit by a car near the shopping mall and that’s the reason why the male goose returns to wait there because that is where he last saw her.  He’s hoping that his partner comes back.

As what shopper Colin Tobias said, “He looks very sad. And you can tell he misses his wife. He’s wandering around wondering, looking.”

An employee at a wines and spirits store at the mall actually cried over the male goose’s grief. “He lost his own partner and for that, he is depressed and sad,” Sayad Rasulnezhad said.

The goose’s vigil is broken only when he wanders off to find food. At times he disappears longer but then he resumes the wait.

The behavior is typical of geese as they mate for life according to wildlife experts.  But the mall shop’s staff are hopeful that in time, the goose will return to the wild and find a local female goose to love again.

Tobias said, “I think he should be looking for a mate, and we should be helping him.”

But for now, we let him mourn and wish him well.

Source: The Dodo

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We had a Mother & Father Goose as part of our family, when our children were young. The geese & ducks had a small fenced in area, that we walked them in every night, and a house for shelter. Mother Goose was killed in the middle of the night by a predator. Father Goose would go outside our family room glass slider door, every night. He just sat and moaned, deep and loud. My husband would stand next to him and gently pat his head, telling him that everything will be ok. After a few weeks he refused to eat. Talked with our vet and he said that when these animals decide to die, they won’t eat. Geese are monogamous and Love their mate. It was sad watching Father Goose grieving.

there was a similar incident on scuttlehole road in Bridgehampton,Ny as the road curves around a pond there was a goose couple where 1 had been struck by a father said that when he took my mom to work the surviving goose would always be there,on both trips. he remained there for a long parents said it was very sad

Ishmael Fornortener

I was goosed once and let out a “honk” that activated the burglar alarm in our facility. Authorities realized that we were basically all “quacked up”, and put us on notification that calls to them in the future will be forwarded to Daffy Duck, and that he will forward said information to the proper geese authorities.