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Gus the Cat: The Baby Bird Rescuer



  • Gus discovers the fallen baby bird and meows loudly for his dad, Sebastian Hart.
  • Hart scooped and lifted the baby bird up to the tree to bring it back to its family while Gus watched.
  • Hart says Gus would not really harm the bird as he is a kind and gentle cat.

After being a scared and anxious cat, Gus has now transformed into a caring cat.  Thanks to his dad, Sebastian Hart, Gus learned to trust others and even not harm a baby bird. In fact, he called his Dad’s attention by meowing loudly.

At first his dad did not think it unusual as Gus is a very vocal cat. But when his dad came to investigate why he was fussy, that is when he saw the bird that had fallen from her nest.

Hart said, “He was sitting in front of this tiny baby chick. It was screaming for its mum … Gus was calling out to me to help this tiny little thing out.” 

Photo Credit: Sesbastian Hart

Gus was asking his dad for assistance and luckily, his Dad saw the nest from which the bird had fallen from and got back to the house to get ladder and gloves.

 “I left Gus with the bird, came back within a couple of minutes and Gus was still there watching over it. Honestly, it was remarkable,” Hart said. 

While Gus intently watched, his dad lifted the baby bird back to the nest.

Photo Credit: Sesbastian Hart

Hart said, “I got on the ladder and put the bird in its nest, realized there were two more in there and saw the bird’s mother watching the whole thing. Gus figured his job was done [and] went back to chewing his cat grass. It was just so wholesome.” 

Photo Credit: Sesbastian Hart

“He’s a very kind cat, has never scratched, bitten or hurt me or anyone. He’s just a really nice little dude. I’m blessed to have him in my life,” Hart added. 

Gus and Hart’s relationship has really come a long way since they were both suffering from anxiety.  They helped each other overcome anxiety and recovered from it. 

Photo Credit: Sesbastian Hart

Hart said, “I’m not his owner, I’m his friend. He is just an old soul.”

Good job, Gus!

Source: The Dodo