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Hare Today, Here to Stay: Percy the Bunny Brightens Up the Police Department



Quick Smiles:

  • Officer Ashley Carson found a lost rabbit in the middle of Percy Avenue in Yuba City, California and turned it over to animal control when no owner was found.
  • The rabbit, named Percy, was adopted by a police services analyst and became the official Wellness Officer at the Yuba City Police Department.
  • Percy brings joy and positivity to the department, serving as a support animal and promoting mental and physical well-being among the employees.

Meet Percy, the police rabbit who has hopped his way into the hearts of the Yuba City Police Department in California. This furry officer, also known as Officer Ashley Carson, stumbled upon a lost rabbit last year in the middle of Percy Avenue, and it was love at first sight.

Officer Carson wasted no time in ensuring the rabbit’s safety and brought him back to the police station, where he was handed over to animal control. However, despite efforts to find the bunny’s family, they were nowhere to be found. Officer Carson couldn’t bear to see the adorable and friendly rabbit go unclaimed, so she decided to adopt him herself and named him Percy.

Since then, Percy has become an integral part of the Yuba City Police Department, bringing joy and happiness to everyone he encounters. In fact, he has even been bestowed with a special title – “Wellness Officer.” The department recently announced Percy’s promotion just days before Easter Sunday, making him an honorary member of the force.

“Officer Percy lounges at the police department during the day and is a support animal for all,” the department proudly shared on Facebook. His presence has become a source of comfort and positivity for the officers and staff, as well as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health.

The Yuba City Police Department has a wellness program that promotes the well-being of both employees and their families, and Officer Percy has become a furry mascot for this initiative. His friendly and docile nature has won over the hearts of many, and he has quickly become a beloved figure within the department.

Percy’s backstory is a heartwarming tale. Officer Carson found him while patrolling south Yuba City on October 21, 2022. She was struck by his sweet demeanor and decided to adopt him once he became available. She named him Percy after the street where he was found – Percy Avenue. Since then, Percy has been a constant presence at the police department, spreading cheer and positive vibes wherever he goes.


While some may find it unusual to have a rabbit in a police department, Percy’s presence has been nothing short of delightful. Most of the officers and staff enjoy his company, and he has quickly become a source of stress relief and morale boosting. Some may still be getting used to the idea of a rabbit in a police station, but Percy has won them over with his adorable bunny antics and friendly personality.

Officer Percy, the police rabbit, has become a beloved figure at the Yuba City Police Department, serving as their official Wellness Officer. His story is a heartwarming example of how unexpected moments of kindness and connection can bring joy and positivity to unlikely places. With his friendly presence and happy demeanor, Percy continues to be an uplifting force within the department, spreading smiles and happiness to all. The Yuba City Police Department is fortunate to have such a special and furry member on their team, and Officer Percy is a true testament to the power of happy and feel-good news stories that leave readers with a smile.

Source: AP