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Harry Styles Locates His First-Ever Teacher During Concert and Gives a Sweet Message [Video]



  • When Harry Styles had his concert in Manchester, he asked the crowd to calm down as he was on a mission to look for his first-ever teacher.
  • He managed to locate not Ms. Ann Vernon but one of his teachers, Mrs. Bailey, who relayed his message to Ms. Vernon.
  • Harry asked how Ms. Vernon was and said that he heard she was retiring and that he just would like to thank her for everything. Awww!

It is no secret that when people become superstars, some of them become unreachable.  But Harry Styles is an exception.  He still remembers and acknowledges the people who have made him what he is today.

During his concert in Manchester, he quieted the crowd and told them of his mission to locate his “first-ever school teacher,” Ann Vernon.  He said that he had heard that Ms. Vernon was at the show.

And so, with the crowd intently following his moves, he scanned the crowd and spotted her!  Or so he thought.  But it was Mrs. Bailey, one of his teachers who passed on Styles’ message for Ms. Vernon.  

Styles asked, “How are you?” I heard you’re retiring. I’d just like to thank you for everything in those formative years … it means a lot to me that you’re here tonight.”

As he was about to sing “Canyon Moon” which she dedicated for Ms. Vernon, he quipped, “Can you imagine dealing with me when I was 4?”

Ann Vernon describes four and five Harry Styles this way: a little bit of a monkey, cheeky and had lots of friends. She added, “But yeah, in everything he was amazing, all the teachers here are just so proud of him and so excited about this and everything that he’s achieved.”

And Styles’ gesture of looking for her and giving her a sweet message is just adorable, proving that in spite of the huge superstar that Styles is now, he has not forgotten the people in his past.

To which Vernon said, “Thank you, Harry, for that lovely message. I was very touched by it.”

For such a sweet act, take a bow, Harry Styles!


Source: Inspire More