Hawk doesn’t want to leave rescuer’s side after he saved her life

  • A pest control technician was doing his job when he saw a hawk splashing in the pool.
  • As he approached the big bird, it opened its wings. 
  • The bird didn’t want to leave the man’s side after it was rescued.

Steven Gonzales’ official title is “pest control technician,” yet he never shies away from going above and beyond.

He did exactly that during a normal pest control job in Arizona recently. While Steven and a trainee were walking around the customer’s yard, they saw a big bird splashing around in the pool.

He dropped what he was doing to save the enormous bird because he didn’t have much time to consider. Rather than being scared or upset that a human was approaching her, the bird welcomed Steven’s assistance with open wings.

“It lets me grab it by the legs,” he recalled. “I end up lifting it on my shoulder, and it kind of flaps its wings a little bit and just rests there.”

Meanwhile, the trainee stayed close and captured this miraculous rescue on camera, ensuring that none of them will forget it.

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After Steven was able to free the hawk, it rested calmly on the ground, letting her wet wings to dry. But first and foremost, she needed some company after going through such a horrific incident.

Steven said the bird didn’t want to leave his side and just stayed right next to him. 

Steven felt that the best aid this unfortunate hawk could get would come from Cave Creek. This local non-profit specializes in bird rescue and was delighted to take the bird in until it was ready to be released.

The non-profit is providing Steven with daily updates until that happens. They also gave him the opportunity to name the magnificent creature!

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“I named her Lucena after my daughter,” he said.

Steven’s first bird rescue wasn’t his first (he previously saved an owl), and it won’t be his last. He’s now joined up as a volunteer to assist with future rescues after working more closely with Cave Creek.

“I’ve always been fascinated with birds of prey and stuff and animals,” Steven said, “and I like to volunteer and do things and help not only people and pest control, but animals as well.”

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