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Heartwarming Video Shows how Emotional Support Dog Comforts his Struggling Mom [Video]



  • Jen Medrano, a dog mom to two precious pups, Watson and Kiko, wanted to show the world her appreciation for the emotional support Watson gives her.
  • In a touching Instagram post, Jen detailed her struggles with mental health and how lucky she is “to have such a caring and special dog like Watson.”
  • She also shared a heartwarming video that showed how Watson comforts and lovingly hugs her whenever she’s struggling.

Animals have been proven to help relieve stress.

But emotional support animals, in particular, seem to be masters in the ways of comforting their humans, as shown by one woman who has been struggling with her mental health.

Jen Medrano is a dog mom to two such precious pups, Watson and Kiko.

Watson, especially, helps provide the support and encouragement she badly needs during dark times.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Apparently, Watson had been such incredible help that she wanted to show the world her appreciation for the beloved pup.

Jen detailed her struggles in an Instagram post that read, “I suffer from anxiety and was recently diagnosed with PTSD. Having Watson be my emotional support dog was the best thing that [has] happened to me. I’ve grown so much as a person thanks to that one dog in my life that makes me want to keep going.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

She also shared a heartwarming video that showed how Watson helps her overcome her struggles.

In the footage, Jen can be seen sitting on the floor with her head in her hands, seemingly crying. Watson quickly goes to her and gives her a loving hug. The sweet pup continues to snuggle Jen and stays by her as she continues to process her feelings.

“While being quarantined and having time to reflect on many things, one thing I thought of is how on earth was I so lucky to have such a caring and special dog like Watson,” Jen continued.

She added that she meant it as an appreciation post for all the amazing dogs around us.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Jen is right, we are indeed lucky! Having such a supportive pet whenever we’re feeling down and hopeless can instantly clear the dark clouds on our heads. And we’re thankful that Jen and Watson have found each other.

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You can also follow the adorable Watson and Kiko on their Instagram page.

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