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Hilarious Horse Video Grabs Internet’s Attention with ‘Lack of Effort’



Quick Smiles:

  • A horse named Goose had a hilarious snow mishap that left the internet in stitches.
  • The viral video shows Goose’s owner rescuing him from the snow, complete with imagined horse-human dialogue.
  • The video has garnered over 9.2 million views and 1 million likes on TikTok, sparking a debate on whether Goose was genuinely stuck or just seeking attention.

Horses have a peculiar fondness for rolling and rubbing their bodies in the snow. But sometimes, they might wish they hadn’t indulged in this chilly pastime. This is exactly what happened to a horse named Goose, whose snowy predicament has tickled the funny bones of internet users worldwide.

Goose’s mom had to come to his rescue while he was playing in the snow. A video clip of the incident, shared on TikTok by the owner under the username thatmidwestcowgirl, shows Goose, clad in an equine coat, lying belly up on the ground. He appears unable to get back on his feet, prompting his mom to pull him out of the snow and set him free.

The video, captioned “Zero days since Goose got stuck in the snow,” shows the owner tugging on a rope until Goose finally manages to get back on his feet. The post is not just a visual treat but also a humorous narrative, as the owner imagines a conversation between her and Goose.

“Hi mom,” Goose asks. “Are you stuck?” she replies, to which he responds, “Obviously, stop staring and help me.” The dialogue continues as the owner briefly leaves to fetch some equipment, with Goose humorously expressing relief when she returns.

The video has sparked a debate among viewers, with some suggesting that Goose might not have been stuck at all, but was merely playing a prank on his mom. Horses are known for their intelligence, but it’s hard to compare their smarts to other creatures. According to PetKeen, Arabian and Thoroughbreds are considered the most intelligent among horses. They can read human body language and communicate not only with their own species but also with humans.

The video has taken social media by storm, racking up over 9.2 million views and 1 million likes on TikTok. Comments range from Luna’s “I can’t believe we used to ride these into battle” to Kelli Hromas’ “Was he even actually stuck or did he just want some extra attention, silly guy.” Others, like Lion Rising and LisaHotti, are convinced that Goose was just playing around.


Newsweek tried to get a comment from thatmidwestcowgirl via TikTok chat but couldn’t verify the details of the case. If you have funny or adorable pet videos or pictures to share, you can send them to [email protected] for a chance to be featured in their Pet of the Week lineup.