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Hoda Kotb Marries Engaged Couple On Family Zoom Call! [Video]



  • Melanie Mulvihill and John Sizer were about to wed on April 18 but due to the restrictions on mass gatherings during this coronavirus pandemic, it had to be canceled.
  • The groom decided to do something about it and ask ‘Today’ host Hoda Kotb to help him surprise his bride.
  • Hoda marries the couple on-screen via Zoom, in front of their families and close friends, and she brings another surprise: country singer Russell Dickerson performs at the wedding.

The security protocols instituted since the coronavirus pandemic pushed many events around the world to be canceled or postponed. Sadly, the Mulvihill-Sizer wedding planned for months is included in this list because of the restrictions on mass gatherings.

Melanie Mulvihill and John Sizer set the date on April 18, but recent events had to be considered. This is quite a disappointment for everybody, but the groom decided not to mope around and do something about it.

John and Melanie video called their loved ones and their pastor to cheer themselves up. What the bride did not know is that her husband and her maid of honor planned this to surprise her. John and Kira Sullivan arranged a virtual wedding ceremony for that day, and the special guest at their wedding is none other than Hoda Kotb!

Today | Hoda Kotb

The ‘Today’ host turned out to be an ordained minister who can legally perform wedding ceremonies. She says that she is a big fan of love, so it was not a surprise at all that she agreed to the proposal immediately after John and Kira reached her.

The virtual wedding took the bride by surprise. John and Melanie got married on-screen, in front of their closest friends and family. The surprises just kept going and going, Hoda Kotb had a second surprise to reveal!

She brings out country singer Russell Dickerson on-screen to perform Yours for the newlyweds. John and Melanie picked out this song to dance to at their wedding, that is why the two were absolutely thrilled they got to share their first dance on camera with everybody they love

Facebook | Melanie, and John

 “It ultimately comes down to love, and I’m just happy my family and friends all could be present and I got to marry the love of my life,” Melanie said. “It will be something to remember forever.”

John and Melanie later announced their marriage on social media. Everybody held up congratulatory signs and cheered the happy couple on!

“They turned such a sad time into one of the best days of my life AND I get to relive it all over again on national television,” Melanie wrote on Facebook.

Their wedding day celebration was different from what they originally planned for, but they both agree that it was perfect. Their love will find a way, no matter what they are up against.

Source: Inspire More