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Homeless man’s life transformed by kind offer of a job on a farm!




  • A woman offers a homeless man a job on her farm, changing his life forever.
  • Brian Bannister, a homeless man who had given up, is given a new lease on life after being offered a job on a farm by Danielle MacDuff. He helps care for 200 animals every day and has received support from the community.
  • The community has come together to support Brian, with a GoFundMe raising nearly CAD$10,000 and provincial financial support being organized.

When Danielle MacDuff struck up a conversation with Brian Bannister, a homeless man in Ontario, she had no idea it would change his life forever. Despite a difficult past, including childhood trauma and the loss of both his wives, Brian was a kind soul who had simply fallen on hard times. Danielle offered him a job on her farm, and Brian’s life was transformed.

Now, every day, Brian gets a ride to the farm where he helps care for 200 animals. He’s diligent at work and gentle with Danielle’s children and her animals.

“It floored me. It just came from the heart with her, and [I’ve] got to thank her every day,” Brian told CTV News Toronto.

@ctvnewstoronto 60-year-old Brian Bannister was unhoused, overcame addiction, survived abuse and lost two wives, one in a crash, the other to cancer. Over the past two years, he says he gave up. But then he met Danielle McDuff in Newcastle, Ontario, who did more than just offer him a job on her farm. She also got him his first haircut in two years, a phone, access to government supports and an a rare camaraderie made possible through selfless acts of kindness. #ctvnews #ctvnewstoronto #toronto #ctvtoronto #news #explore #foryou #fyp #ontario #canada #gta #newcastle #farm #homeless #unhoused #actsofkindness #goodsamaritan #canadiankindness #goodnews #goodnewsstory #goodnewstiktok #newstiktok #kindnessmatters #actsofservice #homelessness #goodpeople #gooddeeds #canadiantiktok ♬ original sound – ctvnewstoronto

The friendship between Danielle and Brian grew over time, and Danielle set up a GoFundMe to help him get back on his feet. The community came together to raise nearly CAD$10,000, which helped Brian get his first shave and a haircut in two years, as well as a new phone. Danielle also helped organize some provincial financial support for Brian.

“He has no idea what this has done for me,” Danielle said. “If we could get everyone off the street ideally, that would be my one wish, but it takes a lot of people to come together, and that is what has happened for Brian. I think that’s why we’ve come so far in such a short time.”