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Hospital Hires A Cat For Extra Security [Video]



  • Elwood has been hanging around the hospital for a long time; he’s become a regular.
  • And because he’s been there always, nobody really wondered anymore where he came from or who his owner is.
  • One day, Chantel came to work and discovered the hospital had decided to hire Elwood full-time!

Being greeted with co-workers everyday  at work is only natural for someone. But what makes it unique for Chantel Trollip is that everyday she goes to the local hospital where she works, she’s always greeted by someone else besides her colleagues — a cat named Elwood.

“I first met Elwood about a year ago. I picked up more hours at the hospital and saw him hanging around more often,” Chantel told The Dodo. “He’s there pretty much every day, if I don’t spot him, my coworkers do. He’s usually either securing the front door waiting for pats or lounging in the bushes nearby soaking up the sun.” 

They are unsure where Elwood comes from nor who his owner is, if there is any. But he seems to really love hanging out in the hospital and he’s become a regular. So after some time, no one really bothered questioning Elwood, instead he was treated just like another employee. 

Photo Credit: Chantel Trollip

One day, Chantel arrived at work and to her surprise, she saw Elwood wearing an employee ID hanging in his collar that says, he is part of the security team! Although she woke up on the wrong side of that bed, that quickly changed as soon as she realized that Elwood was no longer a bystander but a full hospital employee complete with the badge!

Photo Credit: Chantel Trollip

“He’s got his own ID badge which is identical to our actual staff badges, down to the call codes on the back,” Chantel said.

Meanwhile, Elwood is taking his job seriously, just like how he did it in the past before he was promoted as a full-time employee. While he likes the petting he gets from people, he doesn’t linger long in a group nor has time for cuddles. Because, as you can see, he’s got work and he’s busy!

Photo Credit: Chantel Trollip

“He enjoys a good pat but likes to keep things short and move around a fair bit,” Chantel said. “He is on the security team after all, has to make sure everyone coming and going gets checked.”

Nevermind where Elwood really is from, what’s important is he’s there for his job and he’s hilarious. He makes everyone who sees him feel good!

Source: The Dodo