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Houston Hero Saves Injured Cop Amidst Fiery Gun Battle



Quick Smiles:

  • John Lally, a Houston resident, unexpectedly becomes a hero during his morning commute.
  • Witnessing a gunfight, Lally helps drag wounded Officer John Gibson to safety.
  • After comforting Gibson, Lally expresses his love and appreciation for police officers.

Imagine having a rough Monday morning commute and suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a gunfight. That’s exactly what happened to Houston resident John Lally. While driving to work on Highway 59, he came across an active shoot-out between police and a man believed to be driving a stolen car.

Officer John Gibson had tried to pull the man over on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle, but the driver failed to stop, leading to a chase. After crashing into several cars, Gibson approached the vehicle, commanding the suspect to get out and get on the ground. That’s when the suspect started shooting, hitting Gibson in the leg.

“As soon as I jump out of the car there’s gunshots going off,” said Mr. Lally. “Then I looked to my left and saw that cop get shot.”

Without hesitation, Lally grabbed Gibson by his vest and dragged him to safety, all the way back to his work truck. “I just didn’t want him to get shot again, that was my main focus,” he told Inside Edition.

While officers applied a tourniquet to Gibson’s leg, Lally sat with him, comforting the wounded officer. He took Gibson’s hand and said, “I love cops dearly, bro.”

The suspect tried to escape but ultimately died from gunshot injuries. The incredible footage of Lally’s heroic actions can be seen below.


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