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HS Students Create Coloring Books To Help Kids Understand COVID-19



  • Four high school students created a coloring book to teach children to stay safe, and learn the do’s and don’ts of the pandemic like proper handwashing.
  • The coloring book was written, illustrated and produced by the four teenagers’ Be The Change Coloring Co. for their economics class project.
  • Forty percent of the 5-dollar book goes to charity.

Children can now better understand Covid-19 through a children’s coloring book made by 4 Californian teenagers.

It all started as an economics class capstone project.  The four 15-year old teens — Sofia Migliazza, Erin Rogers, Lauryn Hong and Ella Matlock’s business plan was to produce a coloring book explaining COVID-19 at the same time using the proceeds from the book to raise funds for charity.

As Lauryn Hong told CNN, “It was supposed to be just a plan and we were supposed to just go through the motions of marketing and figuring out business analysis since it was for economics. And we actually went through with it and we made the actual book and it’s a real business now and that was the crazy part.”

The 28-page coloring book was written, illustrated and produced by the four’s Be The Change Coloring Co. The do’s and don’ts to stay safe during the pandemic like washing hands properly are explained by the characters Wally the Narwhal, Al E. Gator, and Sam the Snail. You also get a child-size face mask with the book.

When you buy the 5-dollar book, 40% goes to charitable organizations from a list or you can choose a charity of your own. Nearly 2,000 books have been sold so far.    

Jeff Montooth, their teacher who gave them the assignment says that, “The coloring book gives kids the information without totally overloading them.”

“I am very proud of them and as a teacher this is the ultimate goal,” Montooth added. “I hope that this project can serve as a model for what we can be doing during this time that continues to help students be creative and work toward goals that are relevant and meaningful.”

With the book’s success, the four teenagers are hard at work for their second book, “Stand Up for Your-Shell-ves.” This time, children would get to learn about racism and discrimination from Sam the Snail.

For more of the four teenager’s future plans for Be The Change Coloring Co., be updated on their Instagram page.

Source: CNN