Husband Holds Up ‘I Love You’ Sign in Hospital Parking Lot for 10 Days For Wife in ICU [Video]

  • Gary Crane from Florida held up an “I love you” sign from the hospital parking lot for 10 consecutive days to show support for his wife who was in the ICU fighting Covid-19.
  • Gary’s wife Donna said the nurses would sit her up in bed and make her look out the window so she could see her husband evry morning.
  • Donna says it was the sweet, daily gesture by her husband that kept her fighting to stay alive and get well.

A husband couldn’t be with his wife while she was battling COVID-19 in the hospital but he still found a sweet way to show his support from afar.

As Donna Crane fought COVID-19 in the ICU of a Florida hospital for 10 days, her husband Gary held up an “I love you” sign from the parking lot, NBC affiliate WESH reported.

Gary told the outlet he started performing the sweet gesture every morning before work to show his support for Donna and ease her fears since he was not allowed inside the hospital.

“I just wanted her to know that because I know she was going to be scared and I couldn’t be there with her, and I just wanted her to know that I’m there,” he told the outlet.

Added Donna: “The nurses would sit me up in the bed … let me look out the window, let me see he was there at 8 a.m. and I knew, ‘Ok, we’re going to, we’re going to do this.'”

Photo Credit: WUSA9/YouTube screengrab

Donna’s battle with COVID-19 began in mid-August, according to WESH. A few days after contracting the virus, the Port Orange resident became so ill that she was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure.

“It is the most terrifying thing you will ever experience in your life,” Donna told WESH of her hospitalization. “Just laying there not being able to take a breath.”

Today, Donna is out of the hospital but still has a long road to recovery ahead of her, including having to wear oxygen tubes, WESH reported.

Photo Credit: WUSA9/YouTube screengrab

Despite that, Donna is embracing her second chance at life and looking forward to her future with Gary and their growing family.

“We just found out, my daughter is expecting,” Donna told the outlet. “We’re going to be grandparents, and that went through my mind. I want to hold my baby.”

Source: People

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