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Husky Helps Bake Pup-Friendly Pumpkin Pie For Thanksgiving [Video]



  • The Husky Fam made sure to include their furry loved ones in their Thanksgiving feast.
  • For one of the pup-friendly treats, they baked a pumpkin pie with Kakoa the Husky as their helper.
  • Kakoa couldn’t resist taking a bite or lick out of everything throughout the whole process!

Thanksgiving brings with it a lot of scrumptious food — there’s a reason it’s a favorite holiday of many. Sadly, not all the delicious treats on the table are safe to share with dogs. So, the family of two Huskies decided to create several pup-friendly treats to include their furry loved ones in the food fest!

Pumpkin pie is considered a staple in the autumn festivities, so @thehuskyfam made the necessary preparations. Luckily, Kakoa the Husky was more than eager to help out — especially with the taste test.


Sky & Kakoa have started preparing for Thanksgiving week! 🦃 #pumpkinpie #thanksgiving #dog #treat ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

This is a lovely idea and a great bonding activity with dogs! The recipe also looks simple and easy to follow.

That miniature pie looks so precious and delicious. Kakoa and over 6 million viewers agree! TikTok user @xaesthetic_roblox_vidsx had to ask, “Is it just me or does this look really good?”

We can’t get enough of Kakoa’s many relatable expressions throughout the whole pie-making process. She wanted to take a bite or lick out of everything, and she almost took a huge chunk out of the dough!

We could feel her pain when the scrap dough was taken away! After all, she only managed to take a little bite before.

Husky Helps Bake Pup-Friendly Pumpkin Pie For Thanksgiving
Photo Credit: TikTok/thehuskyfam

On the bright side, she did a great job of helping with cleaning up, and she only had to wait a few hours before she could munch on the finished product.

Photo Credit: TikTok/thehuskyfam

It surely was a tasty Thanksgiving for Kakoa and the rest of the family.

Check out The Husky Fam on TikTok to see more pup-friendly treats. Perhaps you and your doggo could do the same!

Source: Pet Helpful