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Husky Protests Exercise Routine, Throws Tantrums When Owner Calls Him for Their Walk [Video]



  • This husky hatched his plans to get out of his daily exercises, he hates walks.
  • The dog put on extra pounds, but he does not seem to notice.
  • The dog started to protest at the top of the stairs after he heard that his owner would take him walking again.

Kodiak put on extra pounds and considering his distaste for the outdoors, his ploys to get out of his daily exercises, it is probable that the dog would put on some more. The husky weighs 82 pounds, but Jamie Naab thinks that their dog fails to notice how much weight had he put on.

“Kodiak doesn’t quite realize his size and will fall off of furniture, pummel down the stairs and lets the momentum of his weight carry him clumsily across the home,” she says.

The dog had to trim down, the veterinarian said so. Kodiak needs to stay healthy and for that, the dog needs to exercise to lose a few pounds.

This is terrible news for the dog, he would rather spend his time sprawled on the bed, not playing around or going for a walk Shelby Blu, his sister.

 “It has been an increasingly harder struggle to motivate Kodiak to walk with us,” Jamie said. “While Shelby Blu enthusiastically runs to the door for walk time, Kodiak runs to his bedroom and avoids eye contact.” 

The day to day routine continued for the benefit of the dog, much to his objections. Kodiak decided to protest these walking exercises forced on him, coming up with something to let everybody know what he feels.

“I had just enthusiastically tried to yell, ‘Who wants to go for a walk?’ Hoping that my cheery statement would trick him into thinking we were doing something exciting,” Jamie said. “Instead, he ran into his room while Shelby eagerly raced downstairs ready to explore the neighborhood.”

It was then that the dog protest ensued.

“Kodiak slowly sulked out of his bedroom and started to protest at the top of the stairs,” Jamie added. “That’s when I immediately got my phone and started recording because I have never heard him howl like that! [He was being] so dramatic to throw his head back and stomp his feet and cry out, ‘Noooooo!’”

The tantrums he pulled got him nowhere. The family is determined to take their dog on his daily walks, and while he is not happy about this, even for a little bit, he had already lost three pounds.


Source: The Dodo