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Innovative Cat’s Master Plan to Guard His Beloved Toy is Genius! [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • @yukiandtheboys shared a hilarious TikTok of her cat safeguarding its favorite toy in the bathtub to prevent losing it again under the fridge.
  • The quirky feline himself was the unintentional “prankster” behind the toy’s previous disappearances.
  • Many TikTok users chimed in with their own tales of cats’ amusing toy-related antics.

Misplacing our treasured items can be heart-wrenching. For our feline friends, it’s no different. The cycle of losing, finding, and obsessively guarding can be quite the emotional rollercoaster, as one kitty expertly demonstrates.

When @yukiandtheboys uploaded a video on September 6th, TikTok audiences got a comical glimpse into a cat’s dedication. This ingenious feline has come up with a foolproof plan to ensure his favorite toy remains by his side.


Until we find out how it ended up under the oven nobody can be trusted (it was him and this isnt the first time) #cattok #mentalfocus #ohitsfocused #losttoy #cattoys #snowshoecat #baby #fyp #weirdpets ♬ original sound – Relatable Work Memes

Witnessing his quirky strategy, you can’t help but chuckle! As the backstory unfolds, we learn from his owner that after tragically losing the toy beneath the fridge, this determined cat has taken safeguarding measures to the next level.

His chosen sanctuary? The bathroom tub!

This locale offers him a raised edge, and with the strategic use of the shower curtain, it becomes his very own play fortress. In this venue, he can freely kick his toy around without the fear of it disappearing.


Yet, in a hilarious twist, the “prankster” responsible for repeatedly losing the toy is none other than the cat himself. “In the notes, his mom shares this prankster is him and he’s done it many times before.” It seems this astute kitty has learned the value of experience.

The cat’s antics raised a universal question: Why do these feline companions engage in such repetitive behavior? While they demonstrate quick learning in various situations, perhaps this toy game is intentional, a fun mischief they genuinely enjoy.

TikTok users resonated deeply with the cat’s playful predicament. One viewer shared their workaround, stating, “We had to put a piece of wood under the oven and fridge so our cow wouldn’t lose his spring.”

Viewer @AtlasandAxis reminisced about their own cat’s escapades, noting how their feline friend tried to recover toys from tricky spots.

And as @Devin humorously observed about his cat’s toy escapades, “Mine will fling his little ball all around the apartment and then get it stuck under the fridge then scream for it.”

While the hopes are high that our innovative cat protagonist will keep his treasure secure in the tub, only time will tell. Cats will be cats, after all!