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Internet Swoons Over Adorable Dog Baffled by Owner’s Voice from Speaker



Quick Smiles:

  • Dog named Holly is surprised by her owner’s voice coming from a speaker
  • The viral TikTok video has been viewed over 800,000 times
  • American Kennel Club confirms dogs can recognize their owner’s voice through devices

A hilarious video of a dog named Holly being “bamboozled” by her owner’s voice coming from a speaker has taken the internet by storm.

The adorable clip, shared by Holly’s owner Nick (@NoSuchJustice) on TikTok, shows the curious canine investigating the large speaker broadcasting her owner’s voice.

This delightful moment has captured the hearts of viewers, with the video racking up over 800,000 views since it was first posted. Holly, a “mutt” according to her owner, has become an instant sensation.

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to communicate with their furry friends through phone speakers or video calls when they’re apart. But can dogs really understand what their owners are saying or even recognize their voice through a device?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) confirms that dogs can indeed comprehend our spoken language, internalize words, and recognize people’s voices through devices. This has led to a growing trend of people calling their dogs from work or leaving voice recorders on a loop at home to comfort anxious pets.


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The TikTok post featuring Holly has received over 168,000 likes and more than 280 comments, with users sharing their amusement and funny takes on the dog’s confusion. Comments include, “Holly: How did you get onto this box?” and “Sometimes I can still hear his voice.”

Nick and Holly are both thrilled with the response to the video, with Nick stating, “Holly and I are blown away by the response! She’s happily accepting her salary of new bones and treats! She’ll be making more regular appearances.”