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Internet Swoons Over Cats Tink and Leo’s Nightly Walk Adventures



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  • A pair of fluffy felines, Tink and Leo, have become internet sensations after their owner shared their unusual request for late-night walks.
  • The cats’ owner, known as thelexibunch on TikTok, revealed that Leo, a 2-year-old ragdoll, and Tink, an 8-month-old Maine coon kitten, enjoy exploring the outdoors on a leash.
  • The video of the cats’ nightly routine has garnered over 740,800 views and 142,600 likes on TikTok, with users charmed by their adventurous spirit.

In a delightful twist of the usual pet-owner dynamic, two fluffy cats have become internet darlings for their unique request. Their owner, known on TikTok as thelexibunch, shared a video of her cats, Tink and Leo, insisting on their daily late-night walks.

The video showcases the cats meowing at their owner, leading her down the stairs and to the front door, eagerly anticipating their outdoor adventure. “He was waiting for this moment,” thelexibunch commented, referring to the ragdoll cat, Leo.


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Leo, the white 2-year-old ragdoll, and Tink, the gray 8-month-old Maine coon kitten, have distinct attitudes towards their outdoor escapades. “[Leo] has always been interested in going outside, so I started putting a harness on him and taking him out when he was a kitten. Now he begs to go outside and will meow at the door to get my attention. Exploring outside is one of his favorite things to do, and he always loves a good tree climb,” thelexibunch shared with Newsweek.

“[Tink] is still somewhat unsure of herself outside, but I like to take her out with Leo so she gets used to it at a young age. Oftentimes, I take her in the stroller and she’ll get curious watching Leo run around and want to get out of the stroller to walk. She’s also an avid tree climber after watching her big brother do it so many times,” she added.

Walking indoor cats on a leash can be a great way to ensure they get enough exercise. However, it’s important to remember that not all cats may enjoy this activity, and they should never be forced into it.


Safety and comfort should be the priority when taking your feline friends on a walk. Dr. Christian Broadhurst, senior veterinarian at non-profit clinic Clay Humane in Orange Park, Florida, advised that a cat’s collar should fit snugly enough that your pet can’t easily get out of it. “We don’t want to put it so tight that it cuts into the tissue—that’s obviously not good. It just needs to be tight enough that they can’t escape if they try,” he said.

Broadhurst also recommends using a harness, rather than just a leash attached to the cat’s collar, to prevent any mishaps if the cat decides to climb a tree.