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Jealous Cat Thinks Laptop Gets More Love



Quick Smiles:

  • Jealous cat goes viral on TikTok
  • Owner explains she’s not “petting” the laptop
  • Over 635,000 views and 123,000 likes

Cats can indeed feel jealousy, and one New York City feline has proven it in a hilarious way. A recent TikTok video shows the tabby cat, Cathy, standing between her mom and her work-from-home laptop, seemingly upset that her mom is “petting” the computer instead of her.

In the video, Cathy’s mom tries to explain the situation: “Listen, I’m not petting the computer over you. I’m working. It’s how I pay for snacks. Yes, it’s how I pay for the snacks that you eat. It’s on the computer. That’s how I afford the cans on that thing. I’m not petting it; there’s work in that plastic thing.” The caption reads, “If I could tell Cathy anything, it would be that I’m not petting the laptop.”


If I could tell Cathy anything, it would be that im not petting the laptop. #catsoftiktok #catsvideo

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According to PetMD, cats can experience jealousy, but they express it differently than humans. Feline jealousy often presents as aggression, typically toward other cats that threaten their security.