Jogger Rescues Dog From Possible Drowning After Hearing Muffled Bark

  • A jogger called the SF Animal Care and Control for help to pull out a dog buried in sand under large rocks on Ocean Beach.
  • The jogger said he heard a muffled bark and saw a dogโ€™s face peeking from the rocks.
  • Officers then came and pulled out the scared and cold dog and reunited with her family who were looking for her.

A jogger was out on his morning routine when he heard a sound. He “thought he heard a muffled bark, turned around, but no one, human or dog, was in sight. He decided to look around in the rocks, and he miraculously spotted a dog’s face looking up from under the rocks,” according to SF Animal Care and Control.

He then called the agency and immediate help was mobilized to the area to free the dog. โ€œThe “dog was buried under large rocks on Ocean Beach, down near the sewage treatment plant.”

Officer Ortega then got into the tight spot as the tide was coming in and pulled the dog out.

Photo Credit: @sfanimalcareandcontrol (Instagram)

The dogโ€™s name is Gwen and she is back home with her family who had been looking for her.  The 1-year-old English springer spaniel had already been reported missing by her family.

The organization said that “Gwen was reunited with her family in Noe Valley, scared and cold, but otherwise OK. And that it was beyond lucky that they got the call about the dog.

Photo Credit: @sfanimalcareandcontrol (Instagram)

Thanks to the jogger and the rescuers, she is safely home.

Deb Campbell, spokesperson of the SF Animal Care and Control said, the organization is “incredibly proud of our Animal Control officers and the things they do to rescue animals. We’re happy Officer Ortega was there for Gwen when she needed help.”

Source: People

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