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Journalist Adopts Dog Who Desperately Clung to Him While He Was Doing a Story at a Shelter [Video]



  • A journalist was simply visiting an animal shelter to do a story when he stumbled upon an unexpected encounter.
  • A dog suddenly approached him, held on tightly, and wouldn’t let go!
  • When it soon became clear that the dog had chosen him to be his human, the journalist gave in and adopted the sweet dog.

An unforgettable moment took place at an animal shelter while a journalist was simply visiting to do a story.

A dog suddenly approached the man and held onto him tightly!

Photo Credit: NeniuDormo

The man couldn’t hide his surprise. He did not understand what was happening — he didn’t have any treats with him at all, and it was the first time they saw each other.

But the dog continued to hold on tight.

So the man decided to pet the dog and give it the love it was clearly yearning for.

Photo Credit: NeniuDormo

But the man’s loving pats only encouraged the dog to continue holding on tightly.

As onlookers observed the situation, some pointed out the dog’s facial expression.

Photo Credit: NeniuDormo

The man soon realized that the dog didn’t have any plans of letting go!

The dog looked like it had already made a decision to choose the reporter as his “forever human.”

Photo Credit: NeniuDormo

Everyone could see that the two simply had a connection.

Eventually, the reporter decided to do what he deemed appropriate given the situation: he adopted the sweet dog.

The entire moment was captured on video and shared online for everyone to witness:

Covering a story at an animal shelter, a journalist was grabbed by this dog and wouldn’t let go. The journalist eventually adopted him! from r/aww

Several social media users were amazed at how the journalist and the dog found each other. They also thanked the journalist for deciding to adopt the dog and wished them several fruitful years together.

Source: Bored Panda