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Joyous Dog Makes a Splash by Jumping into Public Fountain, Delighting Onlookers [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Vela, the playful dog, takes an impromptu dip in a public fountain, much to the amusement of onlookers.
  • After a bit of a struggle, owner Anina Castilla Pelaéz manages to coax Vela out of the water, leaving the crowd in laughter.
  • Despite the unexpected swim causing a minor stir, Vela’s love for water remains unabated and she’s likely to dive in again given the chance.

Anina Castilla Pelaéz and her faithful dog, Vela, are known faces around a friendly café in Ourense, Spain.

But during one particular visit, Vela had a more refreshing plan in mind.

Spotting an opportunity when her leash was momentarily unguarded, Vela decided it was time to take a detour.

“There she goes running!” Pelaéz said, already anticipating her mischievous pup’s destination.

Tucked away in a quaint square just around the corner from the café is an ornate fountain, brimming with cool, crystal-clear water.

A paradise for any water-loving canine like Vela.

And true to form, by the time Pelaéz caught up with her, Vela was already in the fountain, creating quite the spectacle.


As Vela gleefully splashed and swam, she became the center of attention.

Onlookers gathered around, chuckling at the spontaneous display of canine bliss.

“He looked like a little boy!” Pelaéz described the scene.

“I was feeling a mixture of joy and shame.”


Of course, as delightful as the unexpected swim was, it was not exactly according to the rules.

Pelaéz did her best to coax Vela out, leading to another bout of amusement for the bystanders as the soaking wet dog played hard to get.

Ultimately, it took Pelaéz jumping into the fountain herself to finally get Vela out.

As they made their way back, the duo left behind a delighted crowd, cheering for the charmingly defiant pup.

“She left very happy because people were cheering her on,” Pelaéz noted.

“I don’t think she was sorry.”


While Vela’s love for water might have landed her in a bit of a pickle this time, rest assured that the frolicking fountain is not her only option for a dip.

“She loves the water,” Pelaéz stated confidently.

“She won’t hesitate to jump into the fountain again when she gets the chance.”