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Judge of Dog Show Invites Girl With Autism to Participate by Showing off Her Stuffed Pup [Video]



  • When this little girl with autism brought her beloved stuffed puppy to an American Kennel Club dog show, she had no idea she would get to participate!
  • A kind judge treated her like one of the contestants and allowed her to show off her stuffed pup to the audience — and when she did, the crowd went wild!
  • The proud dog owner made the crowd go “Awww” when she ran over to the judge and thanked him with a sweet hug.

It doesn’t take much to be kind — but for the other person, it can mean the world.

The audience at an American Kennel Club show witnessed a wholesome moment unfold when one of the judges spotted a little girl with autism who held her stuffed dog on a leash.

In the footage, the judge can be seen carefully considering the stuffed dog just as he would inspect a real participant.

Photo Credit: Reddit

After a satisfactory inspection, he lowered the stuffed pup on the floor and asked the little girl: Do you want to show your pet to the world?

The little girl then took off running with her beloved pup in full display!

Photo Credit: Reddit

The crowd went wild! Everyone clapped and cheered the little girl on as she and her pup circled around the judge.

Photo Credit: Reddit

The proud young dog owner didn’t have to say much to show how happy she is for being able to participate!

And the sweet girl made sure to thank her new friend in the best way — by giving him a huge hug!

Photo Credit: Reddit

The wholesome hug had the whole crowd saying “Awww.”

A person who saw the video remarked, “The smile on the girl’s face is priceless! I’m sure [her] parents were over the moon.”

“Goes to show that you can make someone’s day by doing something so small, 10 seconds of your day could make someone’s entire day or even week. We can all [learn] from people like this man,” another person observed.

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