“Kangaroo” Dog Now Leads A Happy Life, Thanks To An Adventurer

  • Gus was born with a shortened right front leg, and his left leg was so deformed it required amputation.
  • When the kangaroo-looking dog was abandoned, Melody Rezzonico came into his life.
  • Melody, an adventurer, gave Gus a happy life full of adventure — hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and swimming!

Gus is a husky mix with a special condition. But that didn’t stop Melody Rezzonico from giving him a forever home.

When Melody saw Gus for the first time at the Black Dog Animal Rescue, she was taken aback by the rescue dog’s appearance.

“He looked like a little baby kangaroo!” she said, knowing she had to make him part of her family.

gus the two-legged dog

Gus’ life had not been easy. He was born with a shortened right front leg, and the left was so deformed it had to be amputated. At just a few months old, Gus was abandoned in South Dakota by his owner.

Melody didn’t know the extent of Gus’ medical issues but when she adopted him, she promised to do whatever she could to give him a happy life.

melody and gus

“I just fell in love with his smile,” she said in an interview with Good Morning America. “Just because he’s a little different doesn’t mean he’s not worth fighting for.”

gus the two-legged dog

Though Gus had some limitations, Melody learned that he was full of life shortly after bringing him home to Laramie, Wyoming.

“But he’s the most active dog I have, and I have a herding dog, so that says a lot about him,” she said.

gus and his siblings

Still, Melody knew the husky could use a little help when it came to mobility, so she got him a custom wheelchair. Soon, Gus’ world was filled with adventure, including hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and swimming. Melody has even taken him to the red rocks of Moab, Utah.

moab trip

But when it came to snow and other winter conditions, his wheelchair couldn’t keep up. Animal orthotist Derrick Campana came to the rescue.

Derrick founded Bionic Pets, a company that creates orthotics and prosthetics for animals. After Melody saw him featured on “Animal Planet,” she took Gus to Sterling, Virginia to have him fitted for a body shell.

While it took Gus some time to adjust, he now cruises easily across the snow on his snowboard attachment.

gus snowboards

With his wheelchair and new prosthetic, Gus is one of the most active dogs out there! He’s living a wonderful life, thanks to Melody who can see past his disability.

If Melody hadn’t seen Gus’ potential, he might not be living the happy life he has now. That’s what she hopes everyone will get from Gus’ story: “Every dog deserves a chance, no matter how different they may be.”

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