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Kirk The Border Collie Freaks Out When She Sees Herself On Television [Video]



  • This dog gets a little too excited every time old videos of her competitions are replayed on TV.
  • Kirk, the border collie used to compete in agility competitions, winning Purina Incredible Dog Challenge back in 2017.
  • There is a video circulating online that shows Kirk’s reaction when she sees herself on the television.

There always comes a moment for retired athletes to relive their glory days, and this dog is no different. Kirk gets a little too excited every time a video of her old agility competitions is replayed on their television.

Channan Fosty from Newark, California trained the border collie for competing in agility competitions around the country. Kirk underwent training with her handler for the better part of the year, molding her into an athletic and incredibly well-trained dog. These dog agility training routines earned the dog her blue ribbons.

Facebook | Channan Fosty

The dog sports involve a handler directing a dog through an obstacle course, recording their time for ranking. Kirk participated in Purina Incredible Dog Challenge back in 2017, and won the first title in St. Louis, Missouri after completing the obstacle course in just 33.69 seconds!

The sports require both skill and training for the dog to excel. This works to the advantage for border collies since this dog breed is able to herd sheep over the hill and dale. Kirk covers the skill-part of the requirement, this only leaves the extensive training for the dog.

Facebook | Channan Fosty

Kirk and Channan are quite the team when it comes to these agility competitions. The dog has not competed in years, but every now and then, her handler puts on a video of the dog running the obstacle course to relive her award-winning runs. Every single time she watches the video of herself played on their television, she gets more than a little excited!

There is one particular video recording of the dog watching herself, standing in front of the family television to study in detail her previous performance on agility competitions. In the video, the dog bounces up and down, as if remembering the thrills that come before and during the time she races through the obstacle course ahead.

Facebook | Channan Fosty

Kirk is just so cute and relatable. Everybody reminisce once in a while, especially about moments where one feels like a winner. Good dog!

 Source: Inspire More