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Kittens’ Heart-Shaped Cuddle Melts Hearts Online



Quick Smiles:

  • Two kittens form a heart-shaped cuddle
  • Owner shares adorable photo on Reddit
  • Cats cuddle for warmth, affection, and bonding

These two cats have exhibited an adorable display of affection, curling up in the perfect heart-shaped formation.

“They are cute. They are very lovely and friendly with each other, they play all day and groom each other every time before sleep,” owner Karia Dey, from Bengaluru, India, told Newsweek.


The 2-month-old kittens named Psilo and Meskie are siblings and are barely ever apart—from playful antics to cuddles and nap time.

“My favorite thing about them is when they are playing, they really floof up sometimes and fight playfully,” Dey said. “Then they come to my lap and curl up and purr.”

The heart-shaped cuddle photographs were posted by Dey on Reddit’s popular r/aww subreddit, and the post has since gained thousands of upvotes. Alongside the pictures, Dey wrote: “Found my two kitties sleeping on the bed like this.”

Cats often cuddle together, and they do it for a variety of reasons. From sharing warmth to offering affection, it helps to strengthen the bond between felines. It is important to note, however, that just because your cats don’t cuddle, it doesn’t mean they are not friends. Some felines just have different preferences for personal space, sleeping spots, or levels of physical affection.

Two cats living together can offer behavioral, health, and social benefits to feline friends, from offering each other mental stimulation; encouraging each other to exercise with playtime; to reducing stress, thanks to companionship.

As couples around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, so it seems are Psilo and Meskie, while also spreading a little joy on the internet with their heart-shaped snuggles.


“Now that’s what I call love!” commented Reddit user shestheone007, while Entrie_Bat7884 added: “A purrfect heart. Absolutely adorable.”

Stunning_Eva wrote that it was “the cutest thing I’ve seen in days.”

And Reddit user KingdomMarshadow added: “This is too good to be true.”

Others praised the satisfyingly perfect way the cats had curled up together: “The paw connecting with the pointy ear to compete an almost perfect heart shape is so satisfying,” commented Jozhik29.